reality check

Reality Check on mooring W28 in Descanso
Reality Check on mooring W28 in Descanso

Reality Check is a Catalina 36 pleasure sailboat owned by Rebecca Snyder and Stephen Rosenbaum

reality check - something that clarifies or serves as a reminder of reality.

1984 Catalina 36 MKI For Sale

Can you believe we've owned Reality Check since January 1987? That's 31 years!

I always knew the day would come when we sell Reality Check, but I didn't really expect it to be 2018.

Life's bumps have hit Steve hard, and complications from immunotherapy cancer treatments have left him with damage to the nerve cell fibers in the spine (called Transverse myelitis). There isn't any coming back from the damage, so our beloved sailboat is for sale.

We've made a lot of wonderful memories aboard Reality Check, and I've had lots of projects! I plan on keeping this website up for quite some time, I've had tons of fun writing about the projects and appreciate hearing from the many, many people that the articles and how-to's have helped.