reality check

Reality Check is a Catalina 36 pleasure sailboat owned by Rebecca Snyder and Stephen Rosenbaum

reality check - something that clarifies or serves as a reminder of reality.
Reality Check on mooring W28 in Descanso
Reality Check on mooring W28 in Descanso

san diego to catalina

What's it take to go to Catalina in a sailboat? How far is it? How long does it take? Answers to all your questions in the trip reports - various ways we went to Avalon and Two Harbors, the usual sailing and motoring conditions, the distance, and how many hours it actually takes. Click Catalina Island Trips on the Menu!

And a quick little reference on the magnetic course setting and nautical miles to Catalina Island.

san diego

It's great to enjoy the "big city" and the boat, so we usually spend at least one night. Sailing is one attraction but there's lots more to do when you have little sailboat vacation home. Biking around town, the park or along the beautiful beaches in San Diego is great fun. Some of our favorite places and restaurants in San Diego... more

boat maintenance

What's a boat without maintenance? Reality Check's maintenance log is on the maintenance page. The log is organized with an eye to getting to the information you want to know about quickly. If we ever do want to sell Reality Check (not anytime soon) ...more

boat projects

Some of the projects on Reality Check.

diesel service bulletins

Reality Check - 1100+ hours on the Universal M25 diesel after 25 years and no big problems. And more on maintenance... relevant service bulletins on the maintenance page. Other interesting docs on the resources page. Reference pictures of the Universal M25 and more on the Universal M25 page.

boat resources

The generator of choice is the Honda EU2000i - super quiet and light. Love it! Check out the resources page for links to so cal destinations, boat manuals, docs, parts, people and forums.

how's it look in san diego right now?

Captain Eddie Harrison plaque at top of Hermit Gulch trail
Captain Eddie Harrison plaque at top of Hermit Gulch trail

how's it look in Avalon, Catalina Island right now?

Casino Cam

the madding world

"But when I climb up to my island peak, escape awhile the madding world of strife, I envy not an earthly thing. This life, which sometimes galls, is swept clean of its cares by friendly winds, and once again I smile. Ay, truly, life seems sweet - a thing worthwhile." Capt. Eddie Harrison Nov 24, 1912 - Oct 10, 1992