3 more days in Avalon thanks to dirty fuel filters

September 19, 2010

2 1/2 hours out of Avalon on Tuesday and the Universal M25 RPM’s drop from 2600 down to 2000, then 1800, then 1600 and fluctuating. Sounds like a fuel problem – off with the engine to check the Racor 24T fuel filter/water separator – yuk what a mess. After attempting to sail back to Avalon with very little wind, we turn the engine on again and motor along just fine for another 2 1/2 hours. Then the RPM’s drop again. Fortunately the diesel doesn’t stall and we pick up a mooring and a bit later a mechanic.

primary fuel filter
Racor 24T fuel filter / water separator

An education opportunity – I’m now trained in changing the 2 fuel filters, draining the gunk from the Racor 24T filter/water separator, checking and cleaning the filter in the fuel pump, changing the fuel pump, clearing the outgoing fuel line and bleeding the fuel system.

Why 3 extra days for an hour’s job? The 2 fuel filters had to come from the mainland and missed the afternoon helicopter the next day. Another mix-up with delivery Wednesday night and the parts were finally retrieved and installed Thursday morning. So we had a few more days in Avalon…not a bad place to be stranded at all.

secondary fuel filter
Secondary engine-mounted fuel filter - AC Delco TP1200
primary and secondary fuel filters
Universal M25 fuel filters

Fuel filters: Racor24T, ACDelco TP1200 25013415 (or equivalent)

Electric Fuel pump: Facet Purolator

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