Bimini for the boat

July 20, 2009
Navy bimini on a Catalina 36 MKII
Navy bimini on a Catalina 36 MKII
That’s it – we’re getting a bimini. Why now after 21 years? Well, sitting in the sun all day slathered in sunscreen just doesn’t work and more than a few hours in the sun just isn’t fun. I finally went sailing on a boat that had a bimini.
Linen color canvas bimini and dodger
Linen color canvas bimini and dodger

Wow! I was sold. Even a small bimini makes a huge difference.

Now on to the next decision – what color? Our canvas is Pacific Blue and that’s a pretty color, but nah, not for a new bimini and maybe a dodger in the future. Our canvas go-to guy says “wheat” and “toast” are the popular colors the last couple of years. And lighter colors reflect sunlight better so they’re cooler underneath… and darker colors are going to show fading quicker.

White bimini and dodger with a green pedestal cover
White bimini and dodger with a green pedestal cover

We’ve seen lots of tan biminis on boats sailing in the harbor and sure enough, a look around the marina at the newer boats show a lot of that tan color called “toast” and something that is a little lighter, maybe “taupe”, and quite a bit of white canvas too – although I wouldn’t go for that, too easy to show the bird poo and other inevitable dirt. “Toast” it IS!

Might As Well…

Toast color canvas bimini
Toast color canvas bimini

Those are the 3 most famous words when upgrading something on a sailboat – since I’m doing THIS anyway, “might as well” do THAT while I’m at it.

Might as well have some some sun screens on the back of the bimini to block that late afternoon sun while sitting on a mooring in Catalina. Ahhh, I can picture it now – sailing with shade. It’s a good life and going to be even better with that bimini.

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Bimini for the Boat



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