Technical Specs

From the original Marine Diesel Owner’s Manual Model 25

Reality Check

1984 Catalina 36


o        With 3” heat exchanger - 2600

o        12 volt, 55 AMP alternator, electric starter, glow plugs

o        Facet Purolator Gold Flo solid state electronic – 476459E

o        Internal replaceable filter #42370 (74 micron)

o        4.0 qts. SAE 30 HD or 10w40

o        using Delo 400 multiweight

o        Fill to full mark on dipstick

o        Use automatic transmission fluid ATF "A" or GM-Dextron II (do not mix the two)

o        Fill to full mark on dipstick

o        Quantity: approximately 0.30 liters or 0.32 quarts

o        Fresh water cooling (FWC): 5 qts. 50/50 water & antifreeze

Fill to bottom of the filler cap

o        Sea water cooled (SWC): 14 PSI

o        water pressure cap: R15

o        Using 16lbs pressure cap

o        mechanic says hose too small, it was jammed on the heat exchanger. Changed hose to 5/8” July 2009

o        Fuel: Universal Part Number 298854 (Secondary)

Or AC Delco TP-1200 25013415 or Napa #3390

Primary: Racor R24T or ONAN 149-1914-05

o        Oil: Universal Part Number 300209

Fram PH3593A or Pentius PLB3593A

o        With 3” heat exchanger, temperature is consistently 165°

o        Oberdorfer 202 M-15 (4 screws)

o        Impeller: OBE 6593 (replaces Universal/Oberdorfer 295628)

o        Gasket: Oberdorfer 6599 (used with 6593 impeller)

o        ½” x 1 ½ ”  3/8 inch NPT thread size – for 3 inch heat exchanger (Canada Metals #CME1F is ½  x 1 Ό ”)

o        Universal # 300805 or Gates 7410 XL 11A1040


It is recommended to carry an extra v-Belt, Sea Water Pump Impeller and gasket, Fuel and Lube Oil Filters, and a quart of lube and transmission oil on board at all times to be available should the need arise.