Fresh water flush for the head

July 30, 2009

The usual way to get a fresh water flush in a manual head is to put a T connector in the sink drain, close the thru hull, fill the sink and flush away. The advantage to the T is being able to use sea water when fresh water is scarce – open thru hull, put stopper in sink, flush away and the head pump pulls up the sea water just like designed. Use fresh water when available and to flush out the sea water from the hoses and head, keeping everything smelling sweet :)

Head to sink drain with 3 way diverter
head to sink drain with 3 way diverter

Did it, but that setup didn’t work “ideally” for me:

  • …the thru hull is really stiff to open and close – if I thought it was bad, imagine someone else struggling with it
  • …the T connector couldn’t be down near the thru hull because of space
  • …so more water was required to fill the hose that went out instead of into the head. OK that’s not a big one.
Shower thru hull used to be for the head intake
Shower thru hull used to be for the head intake

Saw that the Sea-Lect Y-valve diverter could be converted from the default 2-way to a 3-way flow. That’s IT! Best of all, it’s really easy to turn to the direction you want the flow.

Sweet indeed!


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