Keep those water bottles and drink cans handy but out of the way

You're out there enjoying a sunny day tacking back and forth and a can of your favorite cool beverage is unsecured. It's not a question of IF it will spill, only WHEN.

Clearly, you need a drink holder.

gimballed mug holder The gimballed drink holder

The first drink holder we had on Reality Check was a gimballed job. This was guaranteed to end up with the contents of a can spilled - if it didn't spill because of the rotating feature, we would end up knocking into it and whoops - over it goes.

beanbag drink holder The beanbag drink holder

I bought a couple of beanbag drink holders at an auto store years ago, these are GREAT! They stay put, they hold your bottle or can and you can pretty much put them anywhere. We use these all the time next to the companionway, but they're still in the way near the helm.

pedestal drink holders The pedestal drink holder - bike bottle cage solution

How to make your own pedestal drink holder - use a bike bottle cage!

The bike bottle cage is a great and inexpensive solution. Attach it to the pedestal guard with zip ties, amd your new drink holder will keep your bottles or cans out of the way but in easy reach.


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